A community college trustee ensures that the priorities, spending, and direction of the college operates in the best interest of its students and the whole community district.

Okay, it is true that a lot of time is spent attending meetings, going over budgets, and approving policies. But the fun stuff is helping to set the college mission and best of all being a community college advocate at the local, state, and national level.

That may not sound like fun to you, but it is to me. I believe in the community college mission. I believe in the power of education and hard work. I believe in the good work we do at Parkland College.

If not for community colleges, many people would not be able to attend college. Community colleges are affordable, local, and provide more personalize, one-on-one teaching than many major universities. Because of articulation agreements in the state of Illinois, the rigor and requirements of the college-level classes are the same at community colleges and 4-year colleges. Community colleges, oftentimes, have a strong connection with the local community, its employers, and changing needs. This connection creates a strong foundation for all communities.

When I started teaching at Parkland 15 years ago, I instantly fell in love with its people, students, mission, and spirit. Becoming a board of trustee would allow me to serve the college and the community that I cherish.

For more details about what a community college trustee is visit the Illinois Community College Trustees Association (ICCTA) website and review their flyer.


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