Legal Fund

I have hired a fantastic attorney to represent me. I am ecstatic about the opportunity to serve as a Board member, so I am raising funds to pay for my legal costs. Please, consider making a donation. Thank you.

Hell or High Water Harden Legal Fund

I need your help! I need help paying for a lawyer to present my case to Champaign County Circuit Court Judge Tom Difanis. I am the newest member of the Parkland College Board of Trustees. I am the first African American to ever serve on the board. I am also a current faculty member at Parkland, so I’m also the first current faculty member to sit on the board. I decided to run because higher education in Illinois is being destroyed, and I want to do everything I can to preserve it. Being a board member allows me to use the power and influence of the position to gather together the community, highlight the problems we are facing at Parkland, and push for public policies, such as a sensible state budget, that serve all students hoping to attend a public university or community college in the state of Illinois. All donations are greatly appreciated. Will you help me continue the fight? Help spread the word!